Wedding Photographer Gets Ultimate Revenge On Couple Who Destroyed Her Career Over $125 Fee

Though the concept might seem a little outmoded to some, marriage is still considered the apotheosis of a life well lived to vast swathes of the population.

Quite why anyone would commit to having the “happiest day of their life” so – presumably – early into proceedings remains a mystery to me, but still the institution of marriage continues to claim couples everywhere. Any negotiator will tell you that the terms of marriage, which its proponents blithely nod along to in a church full of several hundred witnesses, are astonishingly despotic. Regardless, having committed to having the happiest day of their lives, the couple will need to ensure that everything is perfect on that most special of occasions, which typically means a dizzying amount of preparation is required. The cake, the dress, the venue, the colour scheme; organising a wedding is a feat of co-ordination akin to the lunar landings, so it is perhaps understandable that, when things don’t turn out quite as imagined, things can turn more than a little sour. Having spent a frankly absurd sum of money on the wedding (on average), though, one would imagine that the last thing any couple would want is to be levelled with even greater financial burden. Unfortunately, for one Dallas couple, that is exactly what happened, after a dispute over a wedding photograph contract was settled in court. Andrew andNeely Moldovan had their wedding photographs taken byAndrea Polito in 2014, but it seems that they were far from a match made in heaven. After the wedding day,Andrew andNeely Moldovan requested high resolution pictures from their marriage, only to be reminded that their contract stated that the couple must first “submit an order form for their wedding album, which would include a cover photo that could cost $125”, reports Time. Regrettably, the couple subsequently took to the internet and trashed Polito’s photography services, resulting in a lawsuit against them. Polito claimed that the couple need only have completed the simple task of filling out a form to list their preferences for the wedding album; she even said she offered to forgo the cost of the album’s cover image when she learned of the couple’s malcontent at not receiving the pictures. The couple, though, telegraphed their disgruntlement to the world via social media and even local news sources, reports Time, leading Polito to file the lawsuit, which alleged that their actions “burned her business to the ground;”. On Friday, a country jury in Dallas ruled unanimously in favour of the photographer, findingAndrew andNeely Moldovan guilty of “defamation and malicious intent”, according to Time. The total damages amount to $1 million; whether the couple intends to appeal the decision is as yet unclear. Weddings can be delicate and potentially stressful events, as this story proves, though be warned, the proposal itself can be just as treacherous; just ask this guy, whose romantic waterfall proposal went horribly wrong.

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