Two Women Try To Catch Their Husbands Cheating And The Internet Is Loving It

Have you ever watched the Netflix show Grace & Frankie? If you haven’t seen it, it stars Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin as two women who bond after their husbands are found to be cheating with each other.

Sounds good, right? Well it turns out you may not have to watch the TV show to find out what could happen. If you’re like Twitter user @BJack-O-Langelo, you might find the scenario playing out right in front of your very eyes at the airport! Twitter has been proving to be even more salacious than the most suspenseful episode of your favourite TV drama these days. Many users have been live tweeting crazy encounters they’ve come across in their everyday lives. BJack-O-Langelo garnered a lot of attention when she live tweeted an encounter between two women at an airport bar. The women had never met before, but quickly bonded over tears and many shots of liquor.

The conversations starts between the women with one telling the other “hopefully I’ll gain a sister if I lose my husband”. It sounds like a simple case of one partner cheating on the other, but things quickly get more interesting. The other woman replies with: “Why can’t they be honest? There’s no need for cockamamie stories and secrets. I don’t care if they’re gay. I care they lie.”

Turns out the two women have met to ambush their cheating husbands, who happen to be cheating with each other! BJack-O-Langelo tweets: “Oh my god this is my new favorite sitcom pilot.”

The women order shots. One is described as a pro while it seems the other has never had a shot before in her life. They start to loosen up and their conversation is hilarious.

The shot pro reveals that her daughter’s boyfriend first thought her husband was gay. “I thought he was an a**hole,” she said. “I guess he’s just clairvoyant.” They order another round of shots.

One of the women is next described as flipping through a series of photos, some of which are of her grandson dressed up for Halloween. “Our husbands should be Bert and Ernie,” she jokes.

She then starts to cry, but the second woman immediately offers her support. They drink some more and then watch animal videos on her phone to cheer up.

“I’m so glad you still have a sense of humor. I’m struggling to hang on to mine,” the first women says. “Our husbands are f**king, or we’re both insane. Either way, we’re going to be okay. I promise,” the second one quickly replies.

“At least my husband’s boyfriend has good taste in women,” said the first before the pair leave for their flight, which happens to be to Chicago.

Regardless of what happens with their husbands, it’s safe to say the two women have now bonded for life. Is this exactly like Grace & Frankie, or what? BJack-O-Langelo ends her live tweeting with the following warning for the pair’s cheating husbands: “If your names are Jeffrey and and Richard and you’re on a ‘business trip’ in Chicago, your wives are coming for you. And they’ve bonded.”

The entire live tweeted conversation is available on Twitter at @bjcolangelo. There’s nothing more powerful than a sisterhood, especially a sisterhood of scorned women. Jeffrey and Richard better be worried! Now, how do we get these women a TV deal so we can all find out what happened next?

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