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  1. Do you shoot on auto? With a 50mm you could have achieved a blurry or bokeh background with a wider aperture. To me, that’s one of the main reasons to use a 50mm but if you’re shooting on auto you’re not taking advantage everything a dslr has to offer.

  2. Dare I say i prefer the pictures from the cannon over the nikon!?.. they seemed brighter and clearer. And I usually prefer nikon.

    1. totally agree! not sure if she did any editing on these pics or just straight from camera. The Canon G7X pics were way better.

  3. 2:07 I hope I’m not the only one that thought that the door looks like a block of chocolate 😍🍫

  4. What camera settings is best for photography in ‘winter’ weather ? Your work is stunning. Do you shoot in raw?

  5. Love this video! Great tips! That canon G7X is the next thing on my wish list! I’m wanting it for vlogging! :)

    1. Wow, rude. Sounds like someone is jealous. It helps out a lot with bills. I wouldn’t be a stay at home mom without youtube. Vanessa knows she is blessed and she is not rubbing it in anyone’s face. I love your vlogs Vanessa. :) Keep it up.

    2. +Sheryl and Bob I didn’t think that was rude. But Vanessa has been having her dlsr for a long time already and her G7X is something she saved up for. I believe she did mention it in a previous vlog.

    3. +kenia alvarez I hope it wasn’t rude…she just has so many rude people comment. She works hard on her videos so I’m glad she is getting something for it. :)

    4. +Sheryl and Bob yes I understand that. I hate how people can be so rude to someone they don’t even know.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Lily is getting so big! I see the bow in her hair didn’t last too long though!

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