Polls shows half of Republican voters think Trump is a genius


The polarity of President Donald Trump has people calling him an array of names. However, his supporters have decided to unify under one.

His party, following his lead, won’t let up after Trump himself initially declared that he was “a very stable genius” on Twitter when Michael Wolf’s Fire and Fury decried Trump’s ability for office. A new poll suggests that half of Republican voters agree with the president.

Despite his confident description of himself, a Washington Post-ABC News poll asked Americans: “Trump has described himself as, quote, ‘a very stable genius.’ What’s your own view—Do you think Trump is or is not a genius?”

According to the poll, only 21 percent of Americans think Trump is a genius while a whopping 73 percent are reluctant to even consider the thought. Another poll by the Post suggests that about half of Americans think he isn’t mentally stable at all, with 47 percent questioning his mental state, and showing just how polarizing Trump will continue to be.

But out of the marginal 21 percent who do believe Trump is a genius, most are Republican voters according to the Washington Post, with about half believing his Twitter claim. Only 40 percent of Republicans polled disagreed with the notion that the president is a genius.

“These Republicans apparently don’t think Trump was just making a hyperbolic claim about his intellect; they believe he is a genius,” senior reporter Aaron Blake noted in an analysis piece for the Post. He adds that although the classification of “genius” is subjective, the poll is useful as informative and shows that the majority of Americans are “not that dedicated to Trump.”

While Trump’s popularity may be dwindling, it’s important to remember just how popular he remains with the base that elected him.

H/T New York

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