Part 2: Traveling Abroad for Vacation/Holiday Overseas, Tips & Tricks – AdviceFromJustin


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Price Predictor (tells you when to buy tickets)
(rent rooms or entire apartments from local residents)
(free itinerary creator)
(find the best things to do, places to stay, and places to eat)
(which vaccinations do you need?)
(Travel insurance)

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Thanks so much to 1karley for the question, "Can you give us advise for first time over seas travellers? I what to expect what not to do type thing."

Music: "Fugue Part 2" by Nick & Justin (myself). I own the rights.

Disclaimer: I am not a counselor or licensed therapist, I am simply providing advice as a friend would. Please seek professional help should your situation require it.

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  1. yes I had a cab guy trying to rip us off 30 dollars in rome but I found a more reasonable cab for 8 dollars and yes the moneybelt helps I didn’t bring a purse when I was in Italy and paris and I didn’t travel alone.

  2. Hi Justin I’m traveling to Greece for the first time by myself in August 2014 your advice very hopefully.

  3. Your videos are well presented and helpful Justine. Sometimes the biggest drama is knowing where to visit. My wife and I are visiting Europe to see out youngest son who is living in Germany with his girlfriend and her family. Europe is so big – my wife is looking at all sorts of sites and starting a scrapbook. It’s taking ages and we haven’t made a single decision after two months of looking. The process of deciding is a pain.

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