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Membership Sites Recurring income is fantastic and with the high-power options in Profit Builder you can create and deploy amazing membership portals in record time. In this module we show you exactly how to do it…
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  1. Hello how can i have other users use profit builder so they can create there own lead pages?

    1. profit builder is a wp base plugin basically , so if you want someone else to use it you can install it on their website ( if you have the developer rights also ) or they should have admin access on your wp site.
      or hit me up on fb maybe if i’ll understand exactly what you want i can suggest something

  2. How do I get link the buy button , to drive to the collection site? I could not perform this function.

    1. sorry i dont understand your question ………..if you have the profit builder then the best it would be to open a support ticket ……….. or make me understand and maybe i can help you …….. i use this a lot

    2. I am creating a sales page when u put the buy button ‘m unable to insert the HTML code to point the PAY PAL

    3. you just add a Text / Html block and add the bnutton code there it is easy just make sure that when you generate the button code in pay pall you get the html code for the button , or ……  you can add the button image and link the button image to the button link

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