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  1. Hey guys. Just an FYI, some of you might remember a video similar to this in 2011. That video had to be taken down due to my incorrect use of the term “tupperware”. Tupperware company didn’t like that I called my old rubbermaid containers “tupperware”. I decided to redo the video because the feedback on the original one was great. Just wanted to give a heads up. I wouldn’t normally do a video twice! P.S…is anyone else as shocked as I am that all plastic containers aren’t called “Tupperware”?! LOL!

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  2. This might be a dumb question, but doesn’t the lettuce get Brown throughout the week? Does she freeze or put in the refrigerator the meals?

    1. I also find a at-home food sealer works nice to keep things like avocado and apples from turning.

  3. What a great idea !!! Prep meals for a week keep in fridge ,eat as needed good for busy people

  4. Hey the grocery list is no longer a valid link or it was taken down :( how can I (all of us) get a copy of it?

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