How to Stay Healthy During The Holidays | Tips & Tricks!


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Don't let the holiday's get the best of your waistline! My top tips to stay fit and keep the holiday weight off!
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    1. Sugar cookies. Good god. Wait I change my mind fudge or peanut butter blossom cookies! I have the biggest sweet tooth this time of the year

    2. Love Sweat Fitness defiantly cookies and potatoes. But I liked the advice! More cardio for my holiday season!

  1. Number 2 is so true! haha I’m really hoping I follow through with being good this Thanksgiving. It’s tough with an Italian family

    1. Hey Russel! Guys are definitely welcome, but my male viewership is about 8% So I’m used to speaking mostly to women in my community. Hope liked the tips :)

  2. These tips are great, and so true! I always try to bring the desserts and make them as healthy as possible which can be particularly easy because I’m allergic to dairy, eggs, and nuts. I’m just very worried about my carb intake for the most part. To help this, I’m going to make some mashed cauliflower and try to eat that instead of all the sweet potatoes. Hoping that helps! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. That’s so awesome! I love doing the mashed cauliflower too! Xoxo happy thanksgiving to you as well!

  3. Deff gonna up my cardio during this time & try to make some healthier options to bring on thanksgiving/Christmas 😊💛👍

  4. My biggest struggle is apple cider and LEFTOVERS. I feel like the days after Thanksgiving can be worse than the actual day : (

  5. Hello! I just want to start out by saying, oh my goodness, you have motivated me to start my fitness journey, and for the motivation to keep exercising every day. “Exercise without proper diet, is wasted exercise”. Eating clean is something I struggle with a lot. Could you please start to upload quick and easy nutritious meal/snack tutorials?

    1. +Xehuji 葉 I’m so glad you are motivated and ready to make healthy changes for yourself! I actually have a video coming out today w/ my 3 favorite Healthy Breakfasts, I will be doing more in the future for sure :)

  6. love this! even tho i dont celebrate christmas, its so useful for me cuz im traveling with the family and its always full of cake and candy and all that bluh.

  7. The biggest thing I struggle with is portion control. And then comparing myself to everyone else on top of it so It’s not a good mix!

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