Holiday Makeup 2017: My Shopping Tips, Tricks and Advice to Buy What You’ll ACTUALLY Love!


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Hey guys!!! I was inspired by my Tube Talk on Makeup Addiction and thought I would share some of the tips + tricks and overall thought process behind shopping for holiday makeup!! I am always surprised with how early holiday collections start coming out and 2017 has been no exception!! I hope this helps you think twice about new products coming out and lets you end up with only the items you actually want!! Thank you so much for watching!!! :)

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  1. Great tips! It has been hard for me to finally stop the collectors mentality when it comes to collections. Like I want the white chocolate pallette to go with my chocolate bar collection, but I have had to stop myself since I would never use it.

    1. I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m not a YouTuber and I don’t need it. I know this holiday I want one new mauve blush, one new lipstick, and some kind of berry palette either huda beauty or whatever dupe palette I’m sure colourpop will come out with. Lately if there is a tempting palette I’ve just focused on what shades I’m drawn to and get a few singles of a similar shade

  2. Absolutely right on the minis. I think the Sephora Favorites kits are the best way to go. Those always have the best miniature products.

    1. I like the favorites kits too especially if you don’t have a majority of the products!! Though I love getting a new beauty blender!

  3. Omg I was typing a comment about how I like minis at the holidays when you started talking about it, weird 😳 but yea agree with you on that! New sub and have been loving your videos! Total saved me some cash as I was planning on picking up either the new Huda or Natasha Denona palette when I realized I have most of these colors in my collection 👍🏻

    1. Thanks! I am glad you are liking it!! I am actually going to get the new ND palette! I have been wanting to try her formula for a long time and thought that those shadows and the lower (although still crazy) price point worked for me! I will probably do a let’s Dupe It on it once I have tried it out because I am sure I have similar colors too!

    2. Lauren Mae Beauty I have the star palette and 1 of the 5 pan palettes, the metallics are so beautiful 😍 I want to love the star palette more than I do, the colors look so pretty but something about the tones of the mattes just doesn’t quite look right on me, or maybe I’m just used to more warm shades 🤷🏻‍♀️ can wait to see your review!

    3. omg me too im trying so hard not to buy the huda pallete or the new celebrity stufd like fenty beauty or kim k 😭

    4. Lauren Mae Beauty I love ND shadows. I’m not sure if I’m feeling her upcoming palette, but I’ll need to see more swatches. I almost bought the 28 pan palettes so many times, but instead I bought the five pan palettes with the shadows I wanted most. I’ll have to look for your video about the new palette after it comes out. 😊

  4. 100% agree with you in the minis – I love them! And I was looking into buying the Stila mini glitter eyeshadows too, I’ve never bought one because it would hurt my soul to pay the $20+ on just one. And I’m pretty sure all the colors in the set are permanent so if I so happen to like one that I can’t live without I can bite the bullet and get it. The only thing I’m like “I gotta get it” is the KVD eyeshadow palette – her shadows are my favorite, I know I will use those shades, and a lot of them don’t look like stuff I already own. Great tips and video as always! ❤️

    1. Shahjy Hanif they haven’t come out yet, but they’ve announced that the mini set of glitter shadows will release for holiday. I’m not sure if there’s a set date for release yet or not

    2. I am on the fence about the KVD palette! I didn’t want it originally and then when more recent pictures came out I thought I maybe did…. but then I think back to last years palette which I kind of regret buying!! haha so idk I want to see some tutorials and swatches!!

    3. That is the one product I WILL be buying this Holiday Season. I will probably get the CoverFX Enhancer Drops Mini’s too. But you know Makeup Revolution recently released their version and they look the exact same for $10 each.

    4. You could give the mini to a friend as a gift, like in a little beauty bag with some other products. I buy stuff all the time with the intent of giving certain items I know I won’t like but my friend would so I can give it to her.

    1. Laura Sutter I LOVE Ebates! I get about $100 every time they send a check. A tip to get more value is to take the e-gift cards from Ebates instead of the check. I opted for a Sephora one this time and was able to get 10% more than I would have received in a check. I think this is the first time I had that option. Ulta was on the list too. The percent increase varied by retailer. I chose the one I knew I would use since I shop at Sephora all the time. 😊

  5. I love minis! I wish more sets of minis were available year-round. I’m definitely planning to pick up the Stila glitter shadow minis. I have one full-size and I love it, but I know it’ll take forever to use because it’s not really for every day wear. I couldn’t decide which color I wanted next, so that set solves two problems!

  6. I am loving this eye look! I’d love to see a tutorial! I’m living for the Sigma Creme de Couture re-release and the new KVD palette, and I know I don’t have dupes. xD AGREED about the vaults. I’ve recently cut down to 60 lipsticks from 200+, and I agree. Lipsticks are hard to pan–I’ve only used up 5 full size lipsticks and one mini, out of all of the lipsticks I’ve ever owned.

    1. Thank you! I will actually have a demo/tutorial up on this look in my next video which will be a Let’s Dupe it on the new NYX Element palettes! haha and Lipsticks are soooo hard to use up!! I am the worst at panning them!!

  7. I am so here for the minis. I’ve never come close to finishing anything except foundation and mascara!

  8. Would you please do more tutorials? I love that your make-up is not the same old boring thing that everyone else is doing.

  9. I do love the collections but it rather a drugstore collection over a high end thats how i justify it. But even then i find some drugstore brands are duping what is already out on the shelves. Xx

  10. Saving tip in general: unsubscribe from the email lists!! Oh my god!! I’m so tempted everytime I receive a new email from companies!

    1. Laurence Auclair And unfollow the brands’ social media! I think a lot of the hype is generated by influencers, and the temptation is reinforced through social media. I don’t use Twitter or Snapchat, but I’m active on Instagram. I have to be a little more selective about which accounts I follow, whether it’s brands or influencers who I feel really push products.

  11. I love that your so real. I was stuck in the tailspin of make up addiction and realized I don’t even wear makeup on a daily basis..

  12. I don’t know if you have heard of Kimberly Clark, but I think you would love her Anti-Haul series on YouTube. She is a socially enlightened drag queen who talks a lot about consumerism and suggestive marketing and how not to get caught up in excessive hype. Worth your time, promise :)

  13. Your makeup addiction video was the first I’ve watched of yours. I subscribed during that video. I really like that you keep it real and give sound advice!! Thank you!

  14. Great advice! I bought 2 of the NYX lip vaults last year and I really regret it. They take up so much space and I never use them.

  15. I normally don’t shop for kits during the holidays, I feel I use mascara or skin care items the most and at this point I have 3 palettes and I’m good with what I have! Good point, you don’t need it all!

  16. I needed this, because I wanted to buy two (yes, two…) NYX vaults. A SMLC and the Lingerie

  17. Just found your channel and I have been binging on it. You’re amazing! How are you not one of the top influencers? You’re awesome and I am obsessed.

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