Dieting Tips & Tricks For Any Holiday | Shredding Season Ep. 9


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  1. Ever thought about collabing with nathan figueroa?!? Hes a good guy man. Real humble and entertaining. Check out his channel!

  2. Notification Squad! A lot of great tips. Those Reeses Peanut butter Easter Eggs kill me every year! That Supzilla shirt you got on needs to be in a giveaway! One like it, not that exact one, unless someone wants that.. lol…

    1. My boyfriend has a had a 6 pack of those eggs in the freezer for almost three weeks now. He hasn’t eaten any of them! Every time I go to the freezer I crave them, I’ve been holding out strong though!

    2. Haha! They would be gone if it was in my house! 😂😂 congrats on that will power!

  3. Damn. you might as well aim for that 365 straight days of videos. why stop at where your at now…. lol. happy to see your channel growing man.

  4. Dude, you’re so right about the shopping carts & racking the weights… those people are the real MVPs. I definitely fell off the wagon yesterday😭 Texas roadkills butter is a killer. Literally everyone at work asks me “what’s in your gallon?! Anti-freeze?!” When they see me toting my water that has xtends green apple in it, so annoying😒 mom came through with that Easter lunchbox! That was awesome & really cute

  5. Honestly personally, just eating mindfully. If you are not in a competition prep, just enjoy life and get back to the diet the next day.

  6. Peanut butter cup halo top with a little bit of Justin’s vanilla almond butter melted on top awwwww man

  7. Wow. I didn’t know that if you drink a gallon and stop that it slows down your metabolism. I do this every week I drink a gallon of water a day during the work week because i can monitor it but during the weekends I may have 40 oz or less. I’ll have to keep better track of this during the weekend.

  8. Much better with a beard just trim into shape along ur jawline just sayin :D oh and I love what u said about random carts flying into people’s cars and I loveee Powerade zero!:)

  9. Love the comment about grocery carts and re-racking your weights, the people at grocery stores have a job and it is not picking up the carts to ensure cars aren’t getting dinged up, it’s to get them back inside. Meanwhile, gym workers aren’t there to clean up your mess, they are there to help you with your goals plus re-racking your weights is a little extra work if you think about it and just makes sense.

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