Budget boss Mulvaney claims Obama had ‘secret list’ of proposed regulations

At a news briefing this week, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney continued to push the Trump administrations goal of cutting back on Obama-era regulations.

On Thursday, Mulvaney unveiled a secret list of proposed federal rules that he said the Obama administration had been hoping to implement.

They had a bunch of things that they wanted to regulate. And what were hearing is that they just didnt want to tell you about it, said Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget. They thought it would be bad for their reelection prospects in 2012, so they created a secret list of regs that were not disclosed to you folks, and we are disclosing it.

Mulvaney noted that President Trump has promised a two-for-one policy on regulations, meaning that for every new regulation introduced by the Trump team, two old regulations would be eliminated.

So far, that policy has led to the removal of 860 rules, the budget director said.

Referring to the list, Mulvaney added that the Trump administration was committed to setting a new tone in Washington.

There will be none of that in this administration. We will not have a secret list, he said. We will not have a hidden list of regulations that were thinking about doing but were not going to tell you about. Thats going to end effective immediately. In fact, it has already ended. Were not going to do that anymore.

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