Adele Took Child Victims Of Grenfell Tower Fire On A Trip To The Cinema

Grammy winner Adele is a true Londoner through and through. From being born in Tottenham to living in West Norwood and studying at theBRIT Schoolfor Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon, her bond with the British capital and pride in her roots is never in doubt. In fact, her first major single Hometown Glory was an ode to the suburb of West Norwood, where she spent her formative years. Today, Adele is a global powerhouse in the music industry who has come a long way from being a young Londoner who wanted to help nurture others’ talents. She is a star in her own right, with over 100 million records sold around the world and one of only six artists to ever win the Grammy award for Album of the year more than once as a main artist. However, in spite of her immense success, Adele remains passionately committed to her home town.

Adele’s commitment was captured by bystanders who noticed the singer visiting the ruins of Grenfell tower – a social housing block in West London which was razed by a deadly inferno. The death toll from Grenfell continues to rise as authorities continue the slow and arduous task of identifying all who were in the building at the time. Both the local council and the wider UK government have been strongly criticised for the unsafe conditions which led the fire to spread so quickly, as well as the poor treatment of victims which followed. Many volunteers and members of the local community flocked to the site to show support for survivors. One such onlooker observed a famous face among the bystanders present at the scene. Not only did Adele visit the site of the blaze, she also popped in to visit fire-fighters in the area in order to show support. Rob Petty – one of the fire-fighters from the Chelsea Fire Station – posted pictures on Facebook, saying “[it’s not] everyday the wonderfully grounded and caring Adele pops into Chelsea Fire station for a cup of tea and a cuddle”. Adele’s support for those who have lived through this horrific tragedy continues, and her latest selfless move involved a sweet trip to the cinema with young survivors from the fire. Children weretreated a private screening of ‘Despicable Me 3’ at Whiteleys cinema in Queensway, London on Thursday August 3, complete with real-life Minions who were on hand to greet the young movie goers. Adele also took photographs with the kids, as well as their parents, in an amazing treat that was sure to help take their minds off a life-changing and horrific event which they must still be reeling from.

A source commented on Adele’s charitable gesture, saying such kindness is a “priority” for the singer and is tied to her identity as a Londoner. Adele sees her work in the community as a full-time priority now her touring days are over for the foreseeable future. Being a local Londoner, shes made no secret about how personally affected she was by the Grenfell Tower blaze and wants to help in every way she can. “While shes working hard behind the scenes to raise cash, she wanted to treat residents to a night of fun and help take their minds off what happened and organised a private viewing of the brand new Despicable Me 3 movie. Everyone was overwhelmed by her generosity. It’s great to see people using their influence and privilege for the benefit of others, without seeking spotlight for their good deeds. I certainly hope to find “someone like you”, Adele!


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