6 Holiday Tips and Tricks

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This is a video on 6 life hacks that you need to know for Christmas!
1. If you have to buy someone a gift but have no idea what to get, tell them you already got it, and get them to try and guess what it is. Their guesses will tell you exactly what they want.
2. To keep kids believing in santa for many years to come. Just sprinkle some powder sugar or flower around shoe, to make a foot print.
3. If you want a free christmas gift, just find a buy one get one free deal, buy it and return one of them.
4. Make a festive desert topping by crushing up some candy canes. Sprinkle it on hot chocolate, cake, ice cream or anything else.
5. Make a candy Santa sleigh out of candy canes and some candy bars.
6. Make a cheap DIY ornament out of an old chip bag and some paperclips.

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