5 Ways To Watch ‘A Christmas Story Live!’ To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

There are two true Christmas classics in our time. The first is , the short story by Charles Dickens that has been a staple of Christmas for generations. Then there’s the 1983 film that is all the 1950s nostalgia cliches of the period wrapped up in a bow like a BB gun: . Now FOX has taken this classic a step further with a live musical version, airing this coming Sunday, Dec. 17, 2018. But for those who don’t have FOX or are busy, will be on Hulu?

For those who missed that became a musical, hey, welcome to the Broadway-ifcation of our pop culture, where the addition of a mere “!” and suddenly characters are breaking out into song. The concept of taking this 24 hour marathon on TBS classic and turning it into an upbeat song and dance fest came out of Kansas City in 2009, which then became a national tour that wound up on Broadway in 2012, where it did limited runs during December for the next two years.

As for the Live musical phenomenon, NBC started that, but with quickly diminishing audience returns, they decided to give it up this year, leaving FOX as the latecomer, and now only one, at the party.

FOX on YouTube

It does! In fact, FOX is going out of their way to make sure that this musical can be streamed many different ways.

Fox.com or FOX NOW

If you do have a TV provider, or cable account, and just won’t be home, you can catch up anytime by streaming it on FOX.com, or on FOX NOW on any device that supports the app. (That’s iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, Apple TV, or Xbox One.) You can also watch it On-Demand on FOX NOW anytime, once the airing has started in your local market.

You can also watch on FOX NOW anytime beginning the day after the broadcast with no TV Provider required.


But can you watch on Hulu? Yes. Even though it has recently made a push into it’s own original programming like and others, Hulu originally started out as a joint venture by the network broadcast companies ABC, FOX and NBC, as a way to stream their content to viewer’s computers, and that streaming service of all the terrestrial programming from three out of five major channels* is still the dominant form of content on the app.

Other Providers

Hulu is called a “Pay TV Provider partner” in the lingo of the business. They’re not the only one, mind you, but they are the best known. Others include PlayStation Vue, and Fubo TV. So if you have those, you can watch Enjoy!

airs on Sunday, Dec 17, 2018 at 7 p.m. ET on FOX.

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