Cincinnati mayor apologizes for mistakenly honoring cop’s killer

May 19, 2017

(CNN)Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley apologized after his office inadvertently issued a proclamation honoring a man who ambushed and killed a Cincinnati police officer. “I am really sorry that my office, that we mistakenly issued a proclamation on BEHALF of a man that killed, murdered Sonny Kim,” Cranley said Thursday night. Cranley choked back tears as he spoke at a local police union hall. His face was red as he paused several times during his brief, tear-filled statement. …


World leaders have a go-to tactic with Trump: Flattery, and lots of it

May 4, 2017

… flattery could work well on him. Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Trump as “bright and talented” during the 2016 Republican Primary. Trump called the comments a “great honor.” “I know people, because deals are people. If Putin respects me, and if Putin wants to call me brilliant, and other things that he said which were, frankly, very nice, I’ll accept that,” Trump said. “And I’ll accept that on BEHALF of our country, because if we …


Boy, 5, missing for week after father was found unconscious at California park

April 30, 2017

… Hospital hours later,” Andressian said. “I was told that a Good Samaritan found me unconscious on the ground near my car, with young Aramazd nowhere in sight. I can only speculate that I must have been attacked in the park.” It was the first public statement from Andressian, though his attorney, Rebecca Lizarraga, has expressed similar sentiments on his BEHALF. Authorities had said his statements to them have been convoluted and contradictory. Andressian Sr., who is currently …


Ivanka Trump heads to Berlin to work on special relationship

April 26, 2017

… coordinate visits of foreign dignitaries to the US. Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH Kushner, Ivanka Trump could be worth $700M Ivanka’s growing role Ivanka Trump has increased her profile in recent weeks. She announced in late March that she would be taking a formal role in the administration amid ethics concerns, despite initially saying she would be simply playing the role of daughter. She has begun speaking publicly on BEHALF of the administration, …


FBI monitored former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page on Russia

April 12, 2017

Washington (CNN)The FBI obtained a warrant to monitor President Donald Trump’s former campaign adviser, Carter Page, last summer on suspicions he knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on BEHALF of Moscow, The Washington Post is reporting. The FBI and Justice Department obtained a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to monitor the communications of Page, who has called himself a junior member of Trump’s foreign policy advisory team, as part of their …


Muslim family’s home vandalized; Quran torn, green cards stolen

March 30, 2017

… “We were in pure shock and disbelief,” Shoaib said. “I remember thinking when am I going to wake up from this nightmare.” After learning of the apartment incident, Rebecca Link, a Fairfax County native, decided to open a GoFundMe page on Shoaib and Mahrukh’s BEHALF. “I couldn’t believe it. There has been so much hateful stuff in the news and suddenly it hit home,” Link said. The initiative raised over $7,000 in its first 24 hours, …


Soy nut butter recall expands after more cases of E. coli

March 8, 2017

… median age of 10. Fourteen (88%) of the 16 ill people are younger than 18 years old,” the CDC said in a report on the outbreak investigation. See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter. On Monday a lawsuit was filed against the Illinois-based company on BEHALF of Mosby and Erin Simmons, whose child started having abdominal pain on January 25. According to the lawsuit he was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, California, five …