Form and function: An Italian encounter with the new McLaren 720S

(CNN)McLaren is relatively new in the supercar market compared to the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. The British marque launched its first supercar, the McLaren F1, in 1992 and has been playing catch-up since then. But with the arrival of the 720S, launched at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, McLaren has not only caught up, but could be on the verge of overtaking the pack.

“The new 720S has been designed to meet and exceed the extreme performance expectations of the most demanding supercar owner, but it also has a driver environment that is incredibly light, airy and sophisticated, with peerless space, excellent all-around visibility and superb comfort,” Emilio Scervo, McLaren Super Series’ chief engineer, said in a news release.
This is by far McClaren’s most luxurious interior to date. The leather interior, with leather extended dashboard, rear luggage and upper environment, plays to the senses. The ergonomics have also undergone a huge upgrade since the 650s, with switches in solid aluminum.
The decorative carbon fiber must also be marveled at. The 720S is built around a carbon fiber tub that’s light and strong, yet also finished to such a superior quality that it’s been beautifully incorporated into the design of both the exterior and interior of the car.
This fiercely fast car is a leap forward for McLaren. The seats are comfortable, the cockpit feels spacious and driver’s needs come first. If you have the 218,020 ($282,183) for the luxury spec, this could very easily become your everyday car.

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